Pet Grooming

Whether your pet needs a new “do” for a special occasion, a cleansing bath after a romp in the woods, or an everyday look, our professionally trained pet groomers are at the ready. With our convenient dog grooming appointments available seven days a week, your pooch will look and feel like a top pup after each See Spot Run on 21 salon visit. Our “groomed for relaxation process” is different from the rest. A soothing environment, along with skilled and gentle groomers, will set your pet at ease. 




  • State-of-the-art, professional-grade equipment
  • Ongoing, get-to-know-you, consultation sessions
  • A hygienic, intimate, quiet setting
  • The right bath and brush for your dog
  • A professional, gentle, grooming hand

Dog Grooming Services and Pricing

All dog breeds–whether purebred or mixed–deserve to look their best. At See Spot Run on 21, dog grooming is made simple. Select the services your dog desires and create the perfect package.

Your dog’s size, temperament and coat condition are one-of-a-kind, and we customize grooming services and pricing accordingly. Looking for specialty grooming services? Feel free to stop in and our groomers can create a quote for you. 

If it’s your first time grooming with See Spot Run on 21, we’ve prepared a Grooming Form to get the process started.

Haircut services

Makeover time! Our grooming service includes a haircut complete with shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry, light brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim and anal glands checked. We offer creative-custom and breed-specific haircuts. 

*Haircut prices are based off weight and type of haircut. Please contact our front desk for more information.

A La Carte Menu

These services can be added to any bath or groom, or as a walk-in service:

  • Nail Trim - $12 - Trimming your dog's nail on a regular basis is the best way to keep the nails nice and short.
  • Nail Dremel - $5 - A great addition to your dog's nail trim, this service will smooth the freshly cut edges of each nail and will shorten the length of the nails as much as possible.
  • Nail Painting - $5 - Feel like adding some glam to your pooch's look? Pick from our fun colors today!
  • Teeth Brushing - $8 - A great way to keep up with your dog's regular dental schedule. We use mint flavored dog toothpaste to leave your dog's breath as fresh as possible!
  • Anal Gland Check - $5 - Is your pooch scooting or acting like something isn't quite right down there? This service will give our groomers a look at what's going on with your furry family member.
  • Brush Out - $8/every 15 minutes - Having trouble finding the time to keep up with your dog's hairdo in-between grooms? Our groomers use the right brush for your dog's coat to work on a tangle-free, less messy dog! 


Bath and Brush

Fluff that coat with a dog blow out. The bath and brush service includes shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry, light brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal glands checked. Light trimming such as paws, legs, belly, and butt can be done upon request.

*Bath prices are based off weight and if any trimming is done. Please contact our front desk for more information.


grooming extras

Make your pup feel like a million bucks with these bath upgrades:

Hypoallergenic Shampoo - $7 - $12 based upon size

Dogs with extremely sensitive skin appreciate extra tender-loving-care. Give these pups guaranteed fragrance and soap-free bath products.

Medicated Shampoo - $7 - $12 based upon size

Itchy, scratchy skin makes pups unhappy and irritable. Relieve agitation and eliminate scaling, redness, biting and chewing from skin disorders with our soothing medicated treatment. 

Flea and Tick Treatment - $10 - $20 based upon size

Does your dog loves the outdoors? You’ll want to keep outdoor pests like fleas and ticks away from your home. Use this all-natural shampoo to kill the bugs and relieve the itch—perfect after a long weekend at the cabin or out hunting.

*Our flea and tick treatment will kill any living adult fleas, but is not a preventative. Please consult with your veterinarian for follow-up instructions.

Scented Shampoo - $7 - $12 based upon size

Whether you'd like your pooch to smell like a freshly showered man                                                                                                        or a field of flowers, we have the shampoo for you. We also offer                                                                                                     seasonal scents, so give us a call or check out our shampoo samples in                                                                                                     our lobby today.

De-shed Treatment - $15 - $30 based upon size

Is your pooch shedding more than usual? Our specialty formulated                                                                                                 shampoo and conditioner are used to expand the hair follicles and                                                                                                     release any loosened undercoat, followed by a thorough blow out and                                                                                                 brush out. While there is nothing that will keep your pooch from                                                                                                  shedding completely, this service is a great addition each season to                                                                                                       your dog's regular grooming schedule. 

Spa Treatment - $15

This specialty treatment is the perfect way to pamper your pooch.                                                                                                             It includes scented shampoo and conditioner of your choice,                                                                                                         blueberry facial scrub, teeth brushing and nail dremel. 


    Matted---------------------$42 and up
Shave down (with or without a bath)
Brush out only
     15 min brush out--------$8 and up
Nail Trim ------------------------ $12