Puppy Training

Free-spirited puppies transform from cute, yet destructive forces, to well-mannered family members with See Spot Run on 21’s Puppy Training. Positive puppy socialization classes treat your new pet with the care he or she deserves. Our trainers combine canine behavior and learning theory with gentle care for progressive, effective classes.

You’ll participate with your puppy during obedience classes and by graduation, you and your pup will be a happy, thriving team!

Just completed puppy training and you want to keep your furry friend stimulated and learning? Consider our Obedience Classes to bring your dog’s skills and abilities to new heights.


puppy socialization classes

Develop your dog’s character and well-being with vital puppy socialization. Of course puppies will learn from their “packs” at home, but dogs aren’t human and need specialized training to become their best. During these puppy socialization classes, your pup will be grouped with classmates to learn and behave together.

puppy kindergarten

Let’s be honest … it helps immensely if your new best friend listens to “sit” and “stay.” Often, however, your furry friend has other ideas and lots of energy that make those commands challenging. There is likely something much more interesting to explore than sitting or staying! But at Puppy Kindergarten, you help your pup learn that manners are positive and rewarded behaviors keep the household sane and your puppy safe.

You’ll also learn key “pack leader” behaviors to provide loving attention while earning their respect. Upon completion, you receive $10 towards your next See Spot Run on 21 dog training class.

What to expect:

·         Groups divided by age, temperament and size for optimal socialization

·         Leadership lessons for you (the pack leader)

·         Basic social skills, manners and boundaries training

·         Fine tuning potty and crate training

·         Conditioning for handling and nail trims

·         Confidence exercises for you and your puppy

·         Best practices for play biting and teething

·         Loose leash walking

·         Beginner commands, such as: name, sit, down, stand, come, drop it and stay

Puppy Kindergarten Pricing and Deatils

·         For: Young puppies ages 8 to 16 weeks

·         Limit: 6

·         Duration: 4 weeks

·         Cost: $65

·         Includes: “Puppy Primer,” a book by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.

·         Free evaluation for our dog daycare

elementary pups

Has your puppy mastered his or her social skills, but can’t seem to stay out of trouble around the house?  If so, Elementary Pups is the next step in training a behaved and adored adult dog. Daily training covered in this course will fix some bad habits—yours and your pooch’s—and help your puppy become a well-mannered adult dog.

Class activities take place off-leash. Dogs should be friendly with other dogs and unfamiliar people.

Continuing students receive $10 towards your next class at See Spot Run on 21.

What to expect:

·         Correction of current training issues

·         Communication skills

·         Basic commands, such as: sit, down, stay, come, wait, off, leave it, take it, drop it

·         Polite leash walking

·         Attention training

·         Impulse control

·         Leadership skills

·         Introduction to fun tricks

Elementary Pups Pricing and Details

·         For: Adolescent puppies, age approximately 4 to 8 months

·         Limit: 6

·         Duration: 6 weeks

·         Cost: $105


Other Dog Training Options

Who can resist happy, playful, well-behaved dogs? We offer additional training classes for dogs of all ages to solidify the basics and keep your pooch healthy, happy and good mannered.

·         Obedience Classes

About Registration

Due to high demand, you must pay in advance to hold your spot. If you cannot pay for the class at the time of sign up, you will be placed on the waiting list until payment is received. In the meantime, the class may fill with paid students, so please plan accordingly.

If you have already paid for the class and need to cancel for any reason, please let our educated staff members know at least one week prior to the start date of class, and we will happily refund your money or place it towards any other service at See Spot Run on 21.

Thank you for your understanding!  Contact See Spot Run to sign up today!