Care and Comfort

Pet Boarding


We do ask you to bring along your pet’s own food to help avoid upset tummies caused by a sudden change of diet. However, we are more than happy to provide a nutritious diet of Fromm Adult Gold for your pet if you choose for a nominal fee of $2.50 per day, per pet. All pets are fed according to the owner’s specifications and following the same meal time routine pets are used to at home.  We provide the food and water bowls, so no need to bring any dishes from home!


All dogs are offered a raised hammock-like Kuranda bed in their suite. For added comfort, we provide washable plush fleece bedding in our Feline, Pamper, Top Dog and VIP suites. A pet’s personal favorite bed or item from home is always welcome during their stay for added comfort and familiarity. We do ask that any bedding you wish to bring is washable.

Personal Items

While comfortable bedding and clean dishes are provided by See Spot Run on 21, you are welcome to bring your pet’s own personal items along for the stay. We do ask that any items—including bedding—you bring can be washed and dried. To help us keep track of these items, please mark all belongings with your pet’s first and last name and check to make sure all items are accounted for upon pick up. Be sure to only bring items that won’t be missed if chewed, damaged or misplaced.

potty breAKs

All of our canine boarding guests receive four outside potty breaks a day, each for 15 minutes. Your dog will have plenty of room to stretch his legs and romp freely in our securely fenced play yards, covered in K9Grass® turf. Additional services such as play times or extra yard times may always be added.


Dog Daycare

At See Spot Run on 21 we know what good dog daycare is all about: structured fun. Our dog daycare incorporates training into fun activities that are supervised by our professional staff. Each day, we create play groups that take into account each dog’s size and temperament while keeping the dogs-to-human ration low to guarantee personal attention.

Click here for more information on our dog daycare.


The grooming salon at See Spot Run on 21 has a relaxing atmosphere that takes the stress out of the grooming experience for you and your pet. Our intimate and quiet setting allows our staff to offer individualized attention to each pet so every client—purebred or mixed breed—receives the groom, bath or brush best suited for them. We also encourage ongoing consultations between groomer and owner to ensure pleasing experiences each time.

Our equipment is professional grade and, like all areas of our facility, our grooming salon is kept clean and hygienic.

See Spot Run on 21 proudly uses a Hydrosurge Shampoo System which boasts purely gentle formulas that offer highly professional results.

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