Health and Safety

See Spot Run on 21 is the only pet boarding and dog daycare facility in the Fox Valley providing onsite supervision and care 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a staff comprised of certified Pet Care Technicians. What’s more, our professional staff is also trained in pet first aid and wellness. Rest assured that when your pet stays or plays with us, they are in capable, caring hands.

To ensure the health and safety of your pet, other pets and our staff, we do require proof that all pets visiting our facility are current on Rabies and Distemper, and we highly recommend Bordetella for our canine guests. We also ask that all puppies have been seen by your regular veterinarian before visiting us. When registering as a new client, you may bring a copy of your pet’s records or have your veterinarian fax them to us at 920-685-5923.

If you are interested in having your dog participate in dog daycare while at See Spot Run on 21, we recommend bringing your dog in for an evaluation for our dog daycare. Evaluations are done between 7am - 12pm, 12pm - 5pm or you may have your pet stay with us for the full day. Your pet will get to know the building, the staff, and meet other four-legged friends. Pick up or drop off for these evaluations are also the perfect times for you to tour the facilities, meet the staff and ask questions you may have about See Spot Run on 21. Evaluations do require a fee of $15. See our Daycare Page for more information on our dog daycare.


Here are the things we look for in our evaluations:

  • Social ability with new people

  • Handle ability (we must be able to handle feet, ears, muzzle, tail and hold onto the collar)

  • Social ability with dogs (to be in a play group, dogs must fall in the scale of tolerant to social)

  • Ability to share space, attention and toys with people and other dogs

  • Ability to be calm and adjust to being away from the owner within a reasonable time

  • Free from physical ailment, disease or fleas


If you're interested in boarding without daycare for your dog, we also offer a dayboard option. Dayboard is a great way to have your pet visit us for the day and become acclimated to our staff and facility before coming in for a long boarding stay. This can be done at any time Monday - Saturday for $18 a day.

Questions? Feel free to contact us!